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    new ps3 with firmware backward done

    Thread Starter: ramey151

    I have my ps3 put back to the safe 3.55 ofw so now I want to know is it ok to flash to cfw now or do I need something they call zero it im not sure how

    Last Post By: ramey151 Today, 10:47 AM Go to last post

    update pkg and gamedata mixup?

    Thread Starter: tahsin002

    Hey guys if i install a 1.02 update pkg first before I even install the game data, will it mix things up or cause problems? Do I have to install the update

    Last Post By: qwillis Today, 11:53 AM Go to last post

    Is free mcboot v 1.93 still able to be exploited by action replay?

    Thread Starter: Infomaniac

    I am buying an action replay max evo,and I was wondering if free mcboot 1.93 can still be installed via action replay?

    Last Post By: Infomaniac Today, 10:04 AM Go to last post

    Q upgrade hard drive and cfw at the same time

    Thread Starter: tvfan

    Sorry i posted this question probably in wrong section of this forum. This 2nd posting, i hope this is where the question should go.


    Last Post By: tvfan Today, 09:45 AM Go to last post

    Need help on a way to short circuit Ode 5.10B

    Thread Starter: pepslight

    Allright, I am back again, I asked the same question on Maxconsole but apparently they dont like me...

    My dvd finally arrived ( History

    Last Post By: pepslight Today, 11:31 AM Go to last post

    Modbo 4, SCPH-90004 diagram

    Thread Starter: nyux6786

    This must be a topic you have gone through hundreds of times. I just couldn't find a proper installation diagram for the system I have: SCPH-90004 8D

    Last Post By: iCEQB Today, 11:23 AM Go to last post
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    IRISMAN v3.13 - Expanded Mamba Payload Support + Added Option + Other Fixes & Additions

    Yep, now it's all OK. Thanks Aldo :-) Go to last post

    P1T3R Today 11:18 AM

    webMAN MOD v1.30.14 + PS3 Web Debugger v1.2

    Hey i want to report a bugg for webman 1.30.14.
    I am Greek and when i choose greek languge the... Go to last post

    otenet70 Today 10:19 AM

    webMAN MOD v1.30.14 + PS3 Web Debugger v1.2

    Ok, I was wrong, I did had 1.30.13 and not 14, so I will test that. THX
    Maby You... Go to last post

    Raskolnikow Today 08:47 AM

    webMAN MOD v1.30.14 + PS3 Web Debugger v1.2

    This happened somewhere after webman-MOD 1.30.7 and before webman-MOD 1.30.14. I believe it... Go to last post

    klahjn Today 08:28 AM

    webMAN MOD v1.30.14 + PS3 Web Debugger v1.2

    I also have that issue with webman version 1.30.13... then aldo helps me with new webman 1.30.14... Go to last post

    juventino Today 05:57 AM

    Method to Autoboot PRX Loader with new_core

    I can confirm too, that the new core does not work on 4.55.
    Had to reinstall CFW..
    I think it was... Go to last post

    tynave Today 05:23 AM

    PSX-Scene: We Are Back !!!

    I knew from the off by facebook, we were concerned here in Brazil, because the PSX_SCENE is my only... Go to last post

    jamile131 Today 04:41 AM

    webMAN MOD v1.30.14 + PS3 Web Debugger v1.2

    When I choose a game or enter to web panel and exit I can't enter again to webman... Go to last post

    Raskolnikow Today 04:02 AM

    PSNpatch v4.55.06 - New Cobra Spoofing Method for v4.60 ......

    KW really needs to add "MAC Spoofer" to PSNpatch (like SEN Enabler has) and make it part of the... Go to last post

    omuyasha Today 03:46 AM

    PSX-Scene: We Are Back !!!

    Welcome back friends Go to last post

    wantedfr Today 02:39 AM