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    Multimode 3 Info/Help

    Thread Starter: chemicalbro

    I took the Multimode 3 code that was ported to 12F629 and changed it to work for 12F683. It boots backed up games, but fails anti-modchip games like Dino

    Last Post By: chemicalbro Today, 02:26 AM Go to last post

    BLUS30787 umvc3 black screen

    Thread Starter: x1134x

    been doing this for years and i cant figure this one out...

    rogero cfw 4.55
    new instl of latest multiman

    fresh new

    Last Post By: x1134x Yesterday, 06:49 PM Go to last post

    fix PS3 NOR dump with only METLDR, is that possible ?

    Thread Starter: the-green

    Hello everyone,
    First, I am not a noob, but I've a good experience in this jailbreak world since 4 years
    I've got a new PS3 slim 2504 B

    Last Post By: the-green Today, 03:55 AM Go to last post

    Need some assistance (Freemcboot, Codebreaker)

    Thread Starter: Yatsuke

    Hello everyone, new here

    Been doing some research into trying to find a way to get FreemcBoot on my ps2 SPCH - 75001 using the codebreaker

    Last Post By: wmxp Today, 05:41 AM Go to last post

    VGA/RGB cables for PlayStation

    Thread Starter: YOURAHA

    All new cables. Worldwide shipment is included.

    PlayStation 1/2/3 SCART (RGB21 JP) cable

    PlayStation VGA Cable

    Last Post By: YOURAHA Yesterday, 05:12 PM Go to last post

    Disabling PS3 CFW?

    Thread Starter: tinpanalley

    If I have CFW, is there any way to disable it temporarily so I can go online with a sports game, download rosters, and then reactivate?

    Last Post By: atreyu187 Yesterday, 10:56 PM Go to last post
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    New Method: Install self bootable Emulated Disc Games on PSBBN and PSX Console

    Just sharing an idea: It would be nice if someone could research if could would be feasible develop... Go to last post

    doctorxyz Today 10:04 AM

    [UPDATE 3 - CFW] HABIB COBRA 4.55 V1.03 by developer smhabib

    Well PS2 ISO and Classics still dont work for me and hasn't for any 4.5X Cobra CFW. Also I don't... Go to last post

    atreyu187 Today 09:45 AM

    ControllConsoleAPI v2.50 - Adds 4.53/4.55 CFW Support

    Looks good tryed it out last night works 4.55 Go to last post

    JDMAlex Today 09:09 AM

    [UPDATE 3 - CFW] HABIB COBRA 4.55 V1.03 by developer smhabib

    Is that a question or a statement?
    Anyway, 1.03 is supposed to allow wireless controllers. Very... Go to last post

    Tenten Today 08:18 AM

    IRISMAN v3.00 -Impressive Easter Edition by Aldostools

    I added support to list the file extension CCD, so you can test if it works. Just re-download the... Go to last post

    aldostools Today 08:06 AM

    RetroXMB Lite: A new approach to RetroXMB

    Thanks for you feedback STLcardsWS !

    I fixed the issue with prboom, and the tools should be fine... Go to last post

    aldostools Today 07:52 AM

    [UPDATE 3 - CFW] HABIB COBRA 4.55 V1.03 by developer smhabib

    you need to use habibplugin to swap emu's
    when ps2 start , controller will disconnect , now insert... Go to last post

    smhabib Today 05:50 AM

    IRISMAN v3.00 -Impressive Easter Edition by Aldostools

    well it doesnt work in multiman ive learned that about a week ago im going to try iris manager... Go to last post

    crj1985 Today 04:39 AM

    IRISMAN v3.00 -Impressive Easter Edition by Aldostools

    So what has that have to do with Irisman? And... umm... GenPS3iso GUI is exactly that. It's a GUI... Go to last post

    d3adliner Today 02:41 AM

    RetroXMB Lite: A new approach to RetroXMB

    Downloaded :) Will test them later on tonight

    Edit aldostools

    I made a package, and looked... Go to last post

    STLcardsWS Today 12:33 AM