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  • Grand Theft Auto IV - Modded Script with Full Car Spawner and New Ped Spawns

    Master Grand Theft Auto IV modder JDMAlex has updated his Script Mod, which can be easily added to GTA IV and GTA IV WARZ on JB and CFW PS3 consoles. Be sure to take a look at all of the great features this brings to the game, and expect more awesome additions in the future!

    Quote Originally Posted by JDMAlex
    Heres an update to the console trainer now due to size limit you will have a script.img and trainer.img for the trainer.img you need to add this common.rpf ..
    all three need to be replaced..

    NOTE: the reason you need common.rpf is because images.txt has a line adding trainer.img and also to use the jet airtug has to have a plane handle line or else you will only drive the jet.. if you have your own common.rpf and dont want to use this one in the mod pack.. you need to add trainer.img to images.txt and make sure you have airtug as a plane (this was done for me by EvilB so I dont know how)

    - New car spawner with all IV vehicles (all leg work for adding veh models to the list was done by EvilB) added menu activation dpad up/down to choose and x to spawn
    - Pedchanger has menu activation and dpad down to choose
    - added jet to fly around with (ujelly pc fags?) this is only for fun and is not like sanandreas but it works NOTE: remember you need airtug to be a plane in common.rpf(included in download) and may want to press select to change view

    note: I won't be around for a bit to change any problems or add stuff, but you can find the c++ source on my tutorial thread

    • Full car spawner with help from EvilB
    • Spawn EC Jet
    • Ped spawner changed


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    Teleport Locations:

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    To install script mods follow these instructions:

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