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  • XMB Manager Plus (XMBM+) v0.10 is now ready!!

    Bitsbubba dropped by PSX-Scene with some news regarding a project that he and his team mates have been working on, XMB Manager Plus. Other team members include some names we are already aware of such as andreus, DeViL303, ps3Hen, Aldostools, CloneD and Berion. You will remember an article by DeViL303 regarding the WIP/POC here. XMBM+ is a modded version of the install package files XMB menu item based on Rebug's package manager with added functionality.

    To Quote:
    We are finally happy to announce the "Official Release"

    XMB Manager Plus v0.10
    XMB Manager Plus (XMBM+) is a new XMB category based off of REBUG’s "Package Manager", which is a modded version of the official (debug/Jailbreak) "Install Package Files" XMB option.

    This will replace the "Install Package Files" option or for REBUG CFW "Package Manager".

    XMB Manager Plus allows the entire PS3 filesystem to be browsed and/or deleted (all file types supported), We have added functions to REBUG's
    "Package Manager" and renamed it to "Package Manager Plus", it consists of all previous features plus it now includes new Homebrew Category that has
    options to download a selection of popular PS3 homebrew packages. We have also added a new "Game Data Manager" that contains all games data type
    tools, like saves, backups, etc. There are plenty more options also available in this new update, see the changelog below.

    Your feedback is always welcome.
    Changelog v0.10:
    • Complete new file and xmb layout, rebuilt from the ground up
    • New Package Manager Plus
    • New Homebrew downloader integrated into Package Manager Plus
    • New custom file manager (only for browsing and deleting files)
    • New Multi-Media Manager
    • Works from HDD and on USB (special version needed)
    • New icons and texts all around
    • New logo
    • New integrated update system for XMBM+ updates
    • Links to some popular websites added to a new category

    For those using various firmware, be it custom or not, the following has been tested by the team.
    • REBUG 3.55.2
    • OFW 3.55
    • Cobra CFW(requires additional dev_flash file)
    • KMEAW 3.55
    • True Blue CFW
    • Hermes 3.41,
    • ps3hen has also ported XMBM+ to his 4.00HFW.

    Installation requires two simple PKG installs followed by XMBM+ installer and you are ready to go. (Installer can be deleted thereafter.) Instructions to uninstall or update can be found via the source.

    Thanks to Bitsbubba for the news tip as well as andreus, DeViL303, ps3Hen, Aldostools, CloneD and Berion for your contributions to the scene.

    Quote Originally Posted by bitsbubba View Post
    A few additions to add support to NFWv3 (CorbaUSB), Cobra CFW and ps3hen's 4.00 HFW:

    ps3hen's 4.00HFW port: Download Here
    NFWv3 dev_blind update pack: Download Here
    Cobra CFW dev_blind fix: Download Here

    Download: XMB Manager Plus v0.10

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