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  • EXCLUSIVE - Grand Theft Auto IV - NewestISH Mod for CFW

    It is great to be a part of the scene when we have game modders who can make our games better than how the developers originally released them, like in our Mortal Kombat Modding thread. Well, we also have a great support team of Grand Theft Auto IV modders, including PSX-Scene Developers nativesith, SILENT_pavel, and EvilB. Together, these guys and the rest of their team and friends will be bringing more exclusive releases to the site, so keep an eye out for them.

    Now, nativesith brings us the latest creation for the PS3, an update to the Newestish, aka Cool n Sexy, mod for GTAIV. This update brings many great mods with it, so be sure to read what the author had to say below to get the full scoop.

    Quote Originally Posted by nativesith
    My latest Ish(lol), is just the beginning! Brace your selves for the work of Evil Blunt!
    Also Silent_Pavel will be back! =) GTA IV has never been this cool n sexy!

    Love my new handle, In May I will be in a Game Development course! It is fate.
    P.s. Working on a new Playerped.rpf that has Niko with New colored Clothes!

    Found the source of many problems with Ps3 GTA IV mods. Problems like freezing on the Dardan mission, and even the ******* X and Dwanye selection(even more problems..). IDE or Item Definitions Entries. The vehicle.ide, ped.ide and any ide of the common.rpf can not be changed.


    An update of the 8th release with a new importing (EFLC to IV). The last import job caused problems with the skylift and buzzard. Silent_Pavel is the original importer of ps3 GTA IV, but he is silent(shhhh). Evil B showed up outa nowhere with mods that are unlike any one else's(like the no cops @ airport and the 360 port of casino's car placement at the airport) . jdmalex played around with the script on the 8th making a few improvement on that. I did the first playerped modding with the Niko/Luis and Niko/Johnny. Lets not forget the first EFLC mod with ICe La GLACE's(another friend of mine)Ice 1.2. Any texture modding done now can not be done without Dageron's Console Texture Editor who is a friend of Pavel. He is the man!
    More Pictures:

    Click to View!

    What's Included in NewestISH:
    • New Loading Sexy Screens
    • Pause Menu with Old English Font
    • New HUD
    • Exotic Cars and Bikes Take No Damage
    • Screen goes Red and Black when Niko Dies.
    • Many PC textures imported to Ps3!
    • Reality IV Visual PC Mod
    • Niko has new Clothes & Beard!!
    • Highlighted Weapon Icons
    • In Car as one of Camera modes
    • No Cops@ Airport(EvilB's)
    • No Non-Colored Radio Icons
    • My Handling Settings
    • Latest Importing W/ No Helis or Boats!
    • BloodyFX!!
    • Colored Blips!
    • This mod will not freeze @ Dardan Mission , Please let me know if it freezes on you.
    • Meant to be used with Evil B's qeens_e.img(The Evil Blunt Airport!)

    Installation Instructions:
    • common and Ps3.rpf go in BLUS30127/Ps3_Game/USRDIR/
    • vehicle and weapon.img go in BLUS30127/PS3_Game/USRDIR/ps3/models/cdimages

    This is EvilB's Airport(use the queens_e.img, it has instructions on placement).

    Download: NewestISH!!.rar

    Quote Originally Posted by nativesith
    Ever on the quest for the perfect mod. I have found a problem that was reported on another site. The mission "Ruff Rider" causes freezing. Guess why... ok times up. Vehicle.img the game script is calling for IV bike and we replaced them with EFLC bikes. here is a link to an original IV vehicle.img(for one mission,so far...)
    PSX-Scene: GTA Cool n Sexy Style

    thoughts - bookmark that thread, then download

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